If it has always been your fantasy to feel like a queen on your wedding day, you are not alone. Many brides want their weddings to be regal and royal affairs. This is your guide to planning a wedding that is fit for royalty.  www.luxerose.com

For a regal wedding, all of the elements should be opulent and luxurious. Your reception venue will be especially important in establishing the right atmosphere. Look for sites such as grand hotel ballrooms or historic mansions. If you can rent an actual castle for the day, even better! The site should be resplendent with features such as high ceilings, ornate molding, crystal chandeliers, and gold accents. These details will provide the perfect setting for your royal wedding.

The next step is to pick the right bridal gown and accessories. A full ballgown is ideal when you want to look and feel like a queen. Choose a gown made from a luxe material, such as luminous silk satin. Heavy gold or silver embroidery on the bodice and train will enhance the regal effect of your gown. Finish it off with fabulous bridal jewelry, such as custom Swarovski crystal necklaces and earrings. The wonderful thing about custom bridal Swarovski necklaces is that they will give you the rich and royal jewelry that every queen needs at a price that a non-royal can actually afford.

Think about adding other royal touches to your wedding. One fantastic idea is for the bride’s entrance to be heralded by trumpeters instead of the standard church organ. All eyes will be upon you as you glide down the aisle accompanied by your trumpeters. This is the type of wedding that can accommodate a large bridal party, so the bride may wish to have several flower girls sprinkling rose petals along her path, as well as a pair of pages to carry her train.

Regal details can abound at your reception. Start off with a rich color palette, such as purple and gold, or burgundy and copper. A metallic will be a wonderful addition to your wedding decor. It can be incorporated into vases, china and crystal, and even the table linens. For a daytime wedding, sheer gold organza chair covers tied with a deep red satin bow would be stunning. An evening wedding can handle something even richer, such as velvet slipcovers for the chairs, and velvet runners on the tables.

Your centerpieces should be truly over-the-top when you are planning a wedding fit for a queen. Height is a must, and can come in the form of very tall vases and candelabras or towering floral arrangements. Types of flowers to use include velvety roses and exotic orchids. Branches can also be incorporated to give your centerpieces height and presence.

The menu for a regal wedding should be classic and rich. Serve the types of dishes that always feel indulgent, such as Beef Wellington, lobster thermidor, and shrimp cocktail. Opt for very fancy place settings as the backdrop for your feast. Gold chargers and china with metallic patterns are ideal. Complement them with opulent gold rimmed cut crystal glasses for wine and Champagne. Your guests will be wowed by both the food and the presentation.

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