Imagine a life with no parcels as your courier refuses to walk up your garden path. That’s the situation that many people in the United Kingdom have to face as their pets take to guarding their letterboxes with a stealth force. So without further ado, meet the animals that your courier would rather forget existed, and find out what happens when pets pounce:

Courier Enemy #1 – Bat

Bats might make many people shriek, but it’s a cat named bat that’s likely to get the same response from your courier. The long-haired ginger tom is ripping postman’s hands as they try to deliver important packages through their client’s letterbox. A courier even claimed that the six year old cat clawed his bare legs with such vicious swipes as he walked up the garden path that his company have now decided to halt all deliveries to the address. Although Bat’s owner is surprised by the decision of the courier company, he fully admits that Bat is a psycho, and has been known to launch himself at unsuspecting people.

Courier Enemy #2 – Tiger

It seems that cats named after other animals have a naughty streak. Tiger a 19-year moggy has been named and shamed as a risk to health and safety and postmen are refusing to deliver to the Leeds address where he resides. The elderly cat has allegedly attacked three courier delivery men and is said to lie in wait for them and then pounce as they walk up the garden path. Tiger’s owner, Tracy, believes these claims are ridiculous and says that her supposedly ferocious feline is so elderly that he actually gets out of breath climbing a tree.

Courier Enemy #3 – Jack

We all know how dogs love to collect the mail, but what about crows that think they’re dogs? Jack is a crow with some serious identity issues – he thinks that he’s a Yorkshire terrier. The crow was taken in at a young age by a family that already have five other dogs, but it’s Jack that’s the household’s main guard dog. Every morning he launches himself at the head of the mail courier in order to protect his family from intruders. He also loves collecting post and if he’s not picking it out of the letterbox with his beak, he’s chasing the courier down the driveway hoping to collect important letters and packages from him.

Courier Enemy #4 – Illy

Illy isn’t a mean kitty, in fact she’s just a little kitten; but one postman is refusing to deliver mail to a London address after the kitten got carried away and scratched her hand. The playful kitten obviously thought receiving the post was a fun game as she jumped up at the letter box to fetch the envelope as it appeared. Illy’s owners claim that Illy has never scratched them, but believe that she couldn’t do much damage if she tried. However, the postie claimed that she required treatment after Illy’s scratches and asked that the family take action.

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