There are several ways to make money with your blog. You can integrate Google AdSense into your blog to get paid from Google, selling affiliate products to earn commission, selling private ad spots and writing reviews. I guess most of you have heard about making money with Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and private ad spots; in fact most of bloggers are using these methods to earn money with their blog. Whereas, writing review is an overlook area by most bloggers, many of them unaware that they can generate a decent stream of income by writing reviews at their blog.

How does writing reviews make you money?

If you have a blog and thinking of increasing your income stream by writing reviews, it’s easier than you think. Like affiliate programs in affiliate marketing, there are programs called blog review networks where you can look for companies that required third parties review on their product, services or websites. If your blog is new, your application to the blog review network may get rejected because normally there are some terms and conditions that you need to meet for your account to be approved. The terms and conditions such as the age of your blog (normally your blog should be at least 6 months old), the page rank of your blog and/or where you blog is hosted are among the consideration factors.

Assuming your blog is approved. You are now a member of the blog review network where you have opportunities to browse through the review marketplace and search for reviews to write. If you blog have high traffic with good contents and high page rank, many companies will approach you to ask you to write review on their product or service and post at your blog. Once you find a review that you are interested to write on, just write it and post it on your blog, then submit the review’s post for approval. You may need to follow the requirement formats or standard guidelines of the reviewer. Once the post is approved, you get paid.

How much money you could earn each review?

The prices for each review post vary from one blog review network to another. Some blog review networks allow you to search for advertisers directly in their network and bid for review job. During the bidding process, you could even negotiate with the advertisers for higher price by letting them know why their products or services are worth to be reviewed by your blog. If you blog has high traffic and really related to what the advertisers are looking for, they may willing to pay higher, this will increase your earning for each posted reviews on your blog.

You will not get 100% of the earning pay by the advertisers because the blog review network will charge a portion, normally in percentage such 35% or a fixed dollar on each approved review post in exchange of using their services and system.

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