The traditional spring type mattress has dominated the market for the longest time. It was what the consumers were already used to and an estimate of eight percent of the entire supply is occupied by this type. Yet, the newer types of beds were readily accepted by the consumers when studies show that the traditional type of bed is actually detrimental to the physical well being of those who use it. This is so because the springs actually exert the same effort towards all the body parts without considering it unequal distribution of weight. Furthermore, the padding on top of the metal coil springs is made up of common cushion that shrink overtime. Although direct answers to the problems posed by the traditional mattress type are more prevalent in the memory foam and latex type mattresses, it was the airbed that started the move for a more appropriate bed for everyone. This article will try to look into the largest type of airbed, the king size air mattress.

Consumers nowadays are very much into considering which among the products available in the market suit their particular needs and wants. This is true even when it comes to mattresses. Mattresses differ according to type, material, quality and size. Among these consumer considerations, the size is of primary importance. This is so because this part of consumer preference is highly determined by the practicality, i.e. the space and the money that they have for specific beds. For mattresses, there are several sizes like the petit airbed, the king size air mattress and the full size air mattress.

The advantage for the consumer that opts for the king size air mattress is the space. What’s more is that it is less expensive than the traditional, the visco-elastic and the latex types. Yet, in spite of this fact, it doesn’t manifest the harmful effects of the spring type. In sum, one gets the grand feeling of owning a very spacious bed without paying the painfully high price.

Exceptional king size air mattress is very much available in the market. There’s the Sleep Number 5000 Pillowtop Bed Set by the Select Comfort King Size series. The base of the mattress is made out of the usual airbed material yet, it has an upper layer of not polyester surface that provides for the best possible comfort that one can get from an airbed. There’s the Texsport air bed. This type is laid on directly on the floor and provides for the proper feeling of getting a king size air mattress.

A life of luxury and comfort at its peak is never perfect enough without the proper kind and size of bed. Thus, for those with spacious houses and enough money, the king size mattress is the best option. The bed is specifically crafted for couples. This is for them to take enough space for comfortable sleeping and for other activities on bed.

The regular dimensions of the king size mattress is thirty six by eighty four inches. This is almost twice as big and as spacious as the full size bed. As a result, two ample sized persons can fit into the bed.

The king size air mattress is indeed for those who couldn’t exactly shell out that extra cash for the best quality and space there could ever be yet, get all that anyway.

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